Nick Cannon danced for Kel Mitchell in cheerleading gear

Did Nick Cannon really do all that?

Ex-wife of ‘All That’ and ‘Kenan and Kel’ star Kel Mitchell, 43, claims she once caught Cannon, 41, wearing a cheerleader costume, dancing for the Nickelodeon alum on their marital bed.

But Cannon skirts the claim with comedy.

“I remember when I walked into Nick Cannon’s house wearing my full cheerleading uniform (including the briefs),” Mitchell’s ex Tyisha Hampton wrote in the captions of a now-viral TikTok video.

“[Cannon was] cheering on my ex-husband Kel Mitchell on the bed to cheer him up for cheating on me,” she added in the clip, which has amassed over 756,000 views.

Representatives for Mitchell did not immediately respond to the Post’s request for comment on the trending bombshell.

Kel Mitchell and Tyisha Hampton in 1999. The couple married the same year, then divorced in 2005.
Ron Galella Collection via Getty

Cannon, however, used his trademark humor to publicly extinguish the heated allegation.

“Yes!!” the father of nine wrote in the comments section of a BallerAlert post dedicated to the Hampton video.

“Probably had the big corn on the cob, a bunch of orange soda and some Kid’s Choice Awards too!” he said sarcastically.

In response, Hampton praised the ‘Wild N’ Out’ star for “keeping 100” and urged him to teach Mitchell – with whom she has two children – to “take care of all of her children”. She and Mitchell married in 1999 and divorced six years later.

Hampton claims she caught Cannon dressed in her cheerleading outfit and dancing for Mitchell after he cheated on her.
Hampton praised Cannon for “keeping it 100” when he gave in to the costume episode in the comments section of a post on BallerAlert’s Instagram account.

In his comment to Cannon, Hampton also begged, “I really need my cheerleader uniform back! A line, something…it’s been long enough.

Unsurprisingly, social media audiences met Hampton’s jaw-dropping proclamation with shock and confusion.

“I know what it says, but I don’t quite understand what it says,” one commenter wrote. “My brain is trying to process what I just read lmao.”

Others likened the dodgy script to an “All That” skit. And many doubted the validity of Hampton’s account as a whole.

“Now it’s hard to believe what’s true and what’s not on tiktok. ppl will say anything for likes,” one skeptic typed.

“People talk nonsense online,” said another, to which Hampton replied, “Absolutely true.”

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