Protecting and empowering our children

Boys’ Club of New York (BCNY) Annual Fall Celebration was held October 13 at the Loeb Boathouse in Central Park and has raised more than half a million in vital funds that support free, diverse, and high-quality programs for boys and young men in New York City. This festive cocktail was themed camping in honor of BCNY’s innovative wilderness programming.

Dara O’Hara.

Event Co-Chairs and Chair of the BCNY Women’s Board, Dara O’Hara, hosted a great evening in the park, which included camp-inspired games, a DJ, and dancing. BCNY members and camp counselors in training, Jacob D and Rayshawn A. (both in 11th grade), captivated guests by sharing what BCNY meant to them:

“There’s absolutely nothing I didn’t like about the camp. At the time, I wanted to join the Boys’ Club to have something to do after school, but BCNY provided me with so much more. – Rayshawn A., 11th grade, Boys’ Club member and camp counselor-in-training.

“Being in an overnight camp really gives you a different mindset than living in a big city that’s always on the move. The little things you may take for granted when you live in the city really come into their own when you’re in the woods. – Jacob D., 11th grade, Boys’ Club member and camp counselor-in-training.

Rayshawn A., Otha Caldwell and Jacob D.

Founded in 1876, the mission of the Boys’ Club of New York is to empower boys and young men by providing a variety of programs and a supportive community. BCNY’s free after-school and Saturday programs include academic support, STEM, visual and performing arts, career development, fitness, sports, water sports and recreation, wellness and socio-emotional development. BCNY serves over 1,000 members at clubs located in East Harlem and Flushing and at our Harriman Base Camp in Harriman State Park. Our open door policy and free membership ensure that any boy or young man between the ages of 7 and 21 can join.

Anjali Melwani and Claudia Overstrom.
Dara O’Hara and Amy Griffin.
David and Maria Rappa, Tamara and Ed Rappa with their grandsons and Tamara M. Rappa.
George Howe, with Ritchey and David Howe.
James and Peter Gregory.
Kathryn Tyree and Claudia Overstrom.
Michael and Maria Puntillo.
Kathryn Tyree and Cosby George.
Kathy Irwin and Kari Tiedemann.
Kathy Thomas, Louise Schliemann, Claudia Overstrom and Betsy Pitts.
Lee Ainslie, Bob Ireland and Callie Randall.
Max, Gigi and Nicholas Mortimer; Amy and John Griffin; Kathy Irwin; and Kari Tiedemann.
Nicolas, Gigi and Max Mortimer.
Reed and Lindsey Coleman, with Sana and Todd Clegg.
Sara Zilkha and Kathy Thomas.
Tamara Rappa and Cynthia van Eck.
Thorne and Tatiana Perkin.
Tracey and Craig Huff.

John C. Mack opened his exhibition space for A species between worlds at Fair play – the leading nonprofit in protecting children from online harm – as they staged their Friday night performance in New York’s Chelsea Arts District. John is a longtime supporter and board member of Fairplay. Facebook Whistleblower Frances Haugenexpert and advocate for online transparency, received the Fred Rogers Integrity Award.

The guests were treated to a discussion between the executive director of Fairplay Josh GolinJohn Roger, ​and Mrs. Haugen. Participants includedChristy and John E. Mack, Alexandra Alexieva, Laurence and Michelle Blumberg, Paige Boller, Sheri Lambert, Ellie Manko, Liane Pei, and Benny Tabatabai.

Josh Golin, Frances Haugen and Jean Rogers in conversation.
Josh Golin, John Mack, Frances Haugen and Jean Rogers.

Fairplay is the leading non-profit organization committed to helping children thrive in an increasingly commercialized and screen-obsessed culture, and the only organization dedicated to ending marketing to children. Their case is based on the overwhelming evidence that marketing targeted at children – and the excessive screen time it encourages – undermines healthy child development.

John Mack, Christy Mack and John Mack.
Alexandra Alexieva, Joni Siani and Sherry Turkle.
Neil St. Clair and Sarah Endline.
William Brown and Liane Pei.
Sinem Bayoglu and DeDe Ali.
Benny Tabatabai and Anya Brjevskaia.
L. to r. : Kurt and Elena Feuerman; Nancy Ross and Sheri Lambert.
Monika McLennan and Natalie Geary.
Karl Rozak, John Mack, Michael Carter and Nick Carter.
Laurence and Michelle Blumberg.
Josh Golin and Lynn Shaw.
Diana Hsu, Catherine Schieldrop and David Schieldrop.
Francesca Cezan, Paige Boller, Sabine Riglos and Charlotte Pilaro.
Cheryl Tirol, Rob Colorina and Ellie Manko.

Photographs of Philippe Kessler Photography (Boys Club)

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