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College football game day! The joy of people coming together and celebrating the sport they love. Smiles in the parking lots as college football fans begin to install their tailgates.

It’s the start of a college football Saturday.

Seeing people get their faces painted, cornhole competitions and homemade outfits supporting the favorite team is part of the craziness; This is just the beginning.

Groups. College football just isn’t the same without them. Members of a school marching band are playing and it’s a signal that college football is here. At the same time, dance teams and cheerleaders perform, much to the delight of those queuing to watch their routines.

Of course, there are mascots. All kinds of mascots. They are also part of the festivities. Can you imagine a UCF game without Knightro, a Wisconsin game without Bucky the Badger, or a Georgia game without Uga, that’s purebred English Bulldog?

Then there is the food. Limits know no limits. The brats. Pulled Pork. Nachos. Burgers. If a person can’t find something to eat during a college football tailgate, there’s something wrong.

Beer. Don’t forget the beer. Yes, some people like to drink before and/or during college football games. This is where it all begins, in the parking lot. It continues just before the two teams meet on the gridiron.

Just stepping into the stadiums is a joy. Seeing people marching to their respective sections, singing battle chants and clapping is part of the show.

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Once inside, of course, that’s where the college football really begins. That’s when the two teams emerge from the tunnel as the crowd gets up and cheers, and the bands start playing again and all the pageantry of college football is on display.

During games, these are moments of agony and joy, as each game can seem like an eternity, but there are usually only five to 10 seconds left on the game clock. Play after play, fans scream and cheer as if it was the most important moment of their lives. This is even the case when it comes to a three touchdown lead and against an inferior opponent.

When it’s rivalry day, it’s a whole new level of excitement. The passion really comes through. There is no love lost. This often leads to the next element.

Fans are also happy to let the referees know their feelings. It’s another type of age-old college football tradition, but a part of college football nonetheless.

After the game, one fanbase is happy and another is disappointed. It’s winning and losing. Coaches congratulate each other and players from both teams leave the gridiron with their battle scars attached to their jerseys; often cuts and bruises.

Then people go home talking about their team’s next game. Even before returning home, and although exhausted from the day’s festivities, they are ready to start all over again the next time their favorite team plays a match at home.

It’s college football. It’s almost here again.

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