Rebecca Doty honored her husband by donating a chair

Rebecca Doty, a native of the Kemper County area, attended Mississippi Women’s University. While at “The W”, Doty’s roommate Barbara Hannah, who was Joe Doty’s first cousin, introduced them to each other.

At the time, Rebecca was a freshman at “The W” and Joe Doty was a senior at Mississippi State on a band scholarship.

Meanwhile, Mississippi State allowed band members to have their girlfriend or boyfriend sit with them during the football game, and it was one of Doty’s favorite things to do with her husband. .

“We met, fell in love and got married that summer,” Rebecca Doty said. “Joe started in fifth grade playing the clarinet.”

Rebecca and Joe Doty’s first date was at a prom hosted by the University of Mississippi for women. The couple attended other dances across the state of Mississippi, and that’s where their love of dancing began.

Kosciusko native Joe Doty loved the performing arts and was part of the band in Kosciusko and upstate Mississippi. Joe Doty was the only son of Anderson and Mildred Doty of Kosciusko.

After the couple graduated and got married, they joined the military and moved to Mineral Wells, Texas. The following January the couple had their first son Dan Doty and decided to move back to Kosciusko and help Joe’s parents with their local Doty’s Furniture Company. The Dotys operated the furniture store until seven years ago.

All three Doty children – Dan, Don, and Bruce Doty attended Kosciusko High School. Two of the children were members of the Big Red Band. Joe Doty, who has always had a love for theater production, became even more interested after one of his sons had a role in a play in Kosciusko.

“Joe was one of the original directors of the Passion play at First United Methodist Church,” Doty said.

Joe Doty worked on the piece Passion for over 25 years and Rebecca did the make-up for all the performances directed by Joe.

The Dotys loved being part of the theater community and went to the Skipworth Performing Arts Center for plays. Or as Rebecca Doty mentioned, whatever happened to Kosciusko in the auditorium, the couple would be there.

“We also loved ballroom dancing, since we first met at a prom,” Doty said.

The couple started with Western dancing and continued to ballroom dancing.

“Due to Joe’s condition, he no longer comes with me, but I still go to my ballroom dancing lessons.” said Doty. “Joe loves to dance so much that the ladies of the VA will put on music just for him to line dance.”

Joe Doty, who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, often talks to his wife about ballroom dancing and his time directing the Passion play. When Rebecca Doty first heard about Skipworth chair donations via Facebook and Dr. Tim Alford, who attends church with her, she knew it would be a great opportunity to honor her husband and remember all his devotion to the city of Kosciusko and the show. arts.

Joe Doty was president of the Lions Club, a club that helps build community and helps those in need through community service, for more than 60 years. Joe was also president of the Mississippi Furniture Association.

Before Joe’s health deteriorated, the couple spent their time traveling and even went as far as France.

The Doty family felt it was a good time to buy a chair for Joe who is now 89, to honor all his hard work and accomplishments over his lifetime and they believe Joe’s legacy will live on when people will read his name on the gift. chair.

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