Shah Rukh Khan dancing his heart out to ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’ with a specially disabled fan will make your day

Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan was given this title for a reason. He is known for his wit and charm. A recent video that has gone viral proves it once again. Uploaded by Twitter user Mittermaniac, the video shows the king of hearts dancing his heart out with a specially matched fan. In the video, the duo can be seen dancing to “Chhaiya Chhaiya.” The caption of the video read: “This is why everyone from 6 to 60 loves SRK and can’t get enough of him. It’s not just about his films. It never was!

This is an old video from Amul dance reality show Lil Champs and has resurfaced on social media leaving netizens in complete awe. See for yourself:

The video has over 164,000 views. “Wish I had 10% of his energy… infectious energy,” one Twitter user commented. Another person wrote, “most energetic celeb…he’s somewhere else when on stage the power and energy to connect with people.”

People can also be seen retweeting the video with their own captions. One person wrote, “Okay…actually I like SRK even though I only like a few of his movies.” Another wrote: “Damn that man!! such small gestures warm the heart so much! None of Bollywood has that chivalry.

It comes just a day after SRK made headlines for his comment on his eldest son’s Instagram photo. The country’s biggest superstar, acting like all Desi dads, had Twitter swooning over wholesomeness. Aryan, who returned to Instagram to post his first post in 2022, shared a photo of himself, Suhana and AbRam. SRK commented in the most fatherly way possible, writing, “Why don’t I have these pics!!!!!! Give them to me NOW! [sic]“As is obvious, the six exclamation points really drive home what he’s trying to say.

The struggles of SRK’s father are not only wholesome but also relatable. In 2010, when SRK struggled to teach his child English, it turned out he struggled spectacularly, so much so that he had to seek help from the good citizens of Twitter. In typical SRK self-deprecating fashion, he wrote on Twitter at the time, “stuttering kkkk is better than grammar”. How did all this happen on Twitter? SRK tweeted about teaching his son phrases and clauses. Like most of us, he didn’t seem to know what a “predicate” was. In his words, it “looks like a predator that ate something.”

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