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By Cr Peter Murrihy

The Council wants to ensure that we provide access to spaces and services where people need them most.

In recent years, we have sought to put more emphasis on creating community facilities that can be used by a wide range of residents and groups.

Whether it’s organized sports, regular cultural activities or passive leisure, we want our facilities to be inclusive and facilitate access to as many people as possible.

The shared use of places and spaces creates stronger and more diverse communities, improves health outcomes and deepens our social connections.

The Council released draft master plans for two recreation reserves this week, with a clear focus on catering to a variety of users.

The draft master plans for Hamlyn Park (Hamlyn Heights) and Myers Reserve (Bell Post Hill) are both open for public comment, and we welcome feedback from all corners of the community.

We want your input on the priorities identified for the refurbishment of Hamlyn Park, such as the development of suitable changing rooms to support netball and the upgrading of other facilities, including the Geelong Ballroom Dance Club building.

There are also plans to improve pedestrian safety, connections throughout the reserve and open spaces, to meet the needs of more occasional users of the reserve.

The project also supports Western Heights College’s goal of developing athletic facilities that will provide greater opportunities.

The master plan aims to meet growing demands for participation, including increased female membership and a desire for a more passive open space.

Several initiatives have been identified in the proposed Myers Reserve Master Plan.

This includes relocating the netball and bocce courts, renovation of the existing pavilion, new soccer and bocce facilities and additional sports fields.

Maintaining the existing canopy and carrying out additional plantings, including a buffer zone of vegetation between the reserve and the ring road, are also on the agenda.

These projects aim to provide more opportunities for children in formal sport and less structured recreation, while increasing the use of the reserve by all members of the community.

I encourage you to visit and view the plans, and provide feedback during this consultation period.

We are fortunate to have so many women who go to extraordinary lengths to make our community a better place for others.

The Council recognizes and celebrates the contributions of the women of Greater Geelong, through the annual Women in Community Life Awards.

Nominations are open until November 18 for the 2023 edition of the awards.

The awards will be given out as part of our International Women’s Day celebrations on March 8, 2023.

Gender equity is one of the Council’s five health and well-being priorities.

Our gender equity framework, called “Ba-gurrk,” outlines our ongoing commitment to breaking down barriers and celebrating the critical role that women and girls play in our community.

So please, if you know of a woman who has made a big impact on the Geelong community, review the award information and consider nominating them.

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