Staff Predictions: Penn State Hoops Season 2021-22


We’re about 24 hours away from Penn State Men’s Basketball which heralds the 2021-22 season, and there’s a lot of excitement surrounding the schedule.

First-year head coach Micah Shrewsberry has done a great job attracting fans this season. He also worked on building a competitive roster by bringing in five transfers and retaining stars like John Harrar and Seth Lundy.

Will this new look team succeed in a winning season? Could playoff play be a possibility? Let’s see what our staff think.

Will Pegler: 16-15, NIT appearance

Shrewsberry has done all the right things during his time at Penn State so far. The guy is sympathetic, has made his roots into the Nittany Lion culture and looks set to win now. Whether or not Penn State wins up front is another matter, however.

With all the turnover the Nittany Lions have seen in this offseason, there will likely be some hardships from the get-go. I see Penn State end up getting its feed under them and winning a few key Big Ten games, but that won’t be enough to slip into the Big Dance.

Penn State will compete and play well with talented transfers and a few veterans like John Harrar, Myles Dread and Seth Lundy. That will be enough to make a pretty deep run in the Big Ten Tournament and a place in the NIT. Shrewsberry is clearly building something here, but the first year will hardly be a walk in the park anytime.

Owen Abbey: 17-14, NIT appearance

Expect the unexpected. It is a common expression, almost overused. But in the case of Penn State, I think it applies. Nobody expects this team to be this good, in part because there are so many questions surrounding them. But, I expect this to shock the country with his performance.

They have a busy schedule and they are already battling injuries to start the season, but there is just something about the Nittany Lions that gives them confidence. Maybe it’s the energy of Shrewsberry that he brings on and off the pitch, maybe it’s seeing players like Harrar, Lundy, Myles Dread and Sam Sessoms stay with the squad. Maybe it’s even the fact that newcomers Jalen Pickett, Jaheam Cornwall and Greg Lee seem like fun players to watch. Either way, it prepared me to see how the team will come together.

I think the Nittany Lions will exceed expectations and race in the NIT tournament. In a few seasons, we could talk about their participation in the NCAA tournament. However, every team has to start somewhere, and they’re at as good a starting point as any other.

Ryan Parsons: 18-13, NCAA bubble offer

I’m gonna be “that guy”. I’m buying Shrewsberry and this motley bunch of senior hoops to race at the NCAA tournament this year. After a strange 2020 campaign and with a new coach at the helm, the Nittany Lions are generating a lot of buzz locally.

I think Penn State can come out of the non-conference game unscathed and build a lot of momentum ahead of the Big Ten gauntlet. Yes, this conference is stacked, but it is often difficult to assess a team’s skills in the preseason. Anything can happen, and I buy the intangibles that Shrewsberry seems to bring to the table.

Penn State is unlikely to make their first tournament appearance in 10 years in a head coach’s first year, but I think the Nittany Lions have brought in an effective transfer group and kept key members of the team. their core. Just watch how quickly Mel Tucker transformed Michigan state football using the Transfer Portal. I am bullish.

Keeley Lamm: 16-15, NIT appearance

There are very high expectations for Penn State, but I know the team can meet them. Micah Shrewsberry has started a fire not only under his team, but also under the Nittany Lion fan base. Students are ready for Penn State basketball, and the Bryce Jordan Center will be electric with a crowded student section.

I predict the Nittany Lions will have several non-conference victories in the opening weeks of the season. Matches will likely get tougher during the Big Ten game, and Penn State will lose to unexpected opponents but have at least two big upsets.

At the end of the day, I think Shrewsberry is the right fit for the job and I hope he can prove himself. Penn State basketball will end the season with a winning record and an appearance at NIT. The roster has the momentum it needs ahead of the season.

Nolan Wick: 17-14, NIT appearance

Amid a change of coach and roster shuffle, it’s hard to say how good Penn State basketball will be under Shrewsberry in his first season. The public consensus is that Penn State will not be very good, and reasonably good. However, Shrewsberry has a good track record, and it’s a core made up of veteran players. So I think the Nittany Lions will be a pleasant surprise finishing above .500 and making an NIT appearance.

Mikey DeAngelis: 13-18 years old, NIT appearance

I’ve had the opportunity to speak to Shrewsberry a few times now, and not only does he seem like a really great guy, but he also seems to be a really passionate trainer who cares about this program. That said, the Big Ten are a powerful basketball conference, and while I have extreme confidence in their ability to reverse that program, I don’t know if they will be able to do so in their debut season.

The Nittany Lions face tough non-conference opponents this season, including some real challenges like VCU and Miami. However, the real struggle this season will be the conference opponents who present a real challenge for Penn State. I think this team, built around returning players, are talented enough to make a run in a tournament like the NIT, but I would be pleasantly surprised if the Nittany Lions could make it into the NCAA tournament given how talented they are. faced in their conference. .

Messages from staff composed only of Onward State students.

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