Strictly Come Dancing live – Judi Love is fifth celebrity to be eliminated from Strictly Come Dancing 2021



STRICTLY’S Judi Love became the fifth celebrity to be eliminated from Strictly Come Dancing.

The Loose Woman, who was stricken with Covid last week, lost in a tense dance to Adam and Katya on Sunday night’s results broadcast.

Judi, 41, has been a fan favorite from the start – first twerking on the BBC1 show, leading superstar Sean Paul to congratulate her in a video message on the show for dancing to his hit Get Busy .

Meanwhile, Chief Justice Shirley Ballas spoke for the first time about her health fears after doctors insisted that tests be done for ALL of her organs.

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  • Mending the fury

    Some fans think Sara and Dan did well to avoid dancing.

    One of them tweeted: “So four left feet between them, Dan and Sara were saved, after a post-covid, naturally malnourished, Judi ?! This is so cruel!

  • Love for Judi

    Tributes poured in for Judi who was banned from the show tonight.

    One of them tweeted: “@ 1Judilove has been absolutely awesome to watch on #StrictlyComeDancing and a breath of fresh air, what a woman.”

  • Judi will continue to dance

    Asked by Tess about her time on the show, Judi said, “Can I just say I’m bringing Graz home! I’m going to keep dancing.

    “It was an amazing experience, a life changing experience, I want to say thank you to all the professional dancers, the judges, the team, everyone!”

  • boogie wonderland

    Fans praised Judi and Graz for having the funniest farewell dance.

    One wrote: “The funniest outing dance award goes to Judi! She’s having so much fun! #Strictly # Strictly2021 #StrictlyComeDancing #scd #BBCSstrictly.

  • we will miss her

    Strictly Come Dancing’s Judi Love has become the latest celebrity to be eliminated after a high-stakes dance.

    The Loose Woman took on Olympic swimmer Adam Peaty after receiving the lowest votes from the public after Saturday’s Halloween special.

  • Dan for dancing

    Furious fans believe Dan Walker should have been eliminated instead of Judi.

    One of them tweeted: “Yeah, he can’t go on forever and I feel like the judges are outclassing him to keep him. He should have been in the dance.”

  • Unanimous decision

    All of the judges chose to throw Judi from the show.

    Craig Revel Horwood chose to save Adam and Katya.

    Craig said: “I think it’s a tough year for celebrities to sign up for Strictly, there is so much dance talent that you’re competing with.

    “All of that being said, I have a personal preference and that personal preference, on their dance tonight, is Adam and Katya.”

  • The fury of the fans

    Oh dear.

    Fans don’t take it too well that Judi is absent.

    One of them tweeted: “Shocked, fucking pissed off to see these two go @ 1Judilove and @GrazianoDiPrima.”

  • Dan should have walked, fans say

    One fan tweeted: “Dan is on probation.

    # StrictlyComeDancing # Strictly2021 # StrictlyResults @ bbcstrictly ”

  • Correct the line

    Another week, another landline.

    Who can blame the fans for getting mad – Judi was a favorite after all.

    They thought someone else should have been in the dance.

  • Proud

    Fans paid tribute to their favorite Judi Love for keeping them entertained on Saturday night.

    One of them tweeted: “Judi and Graziano you are a great couple.

    “I loved you both.

    “Judi, your Samba is strictly history! You should be so proud of all you’ve accomplished – I’m proud of you.


    How fabulous Judi looks, though.

    She revealed that she had lost a stone and a half since doing Strictly.

    Now that’s a job and a half.

  • Friends for life

    Aww do you see Judi and Graz crying on the show.

    Graz said they would be lifelong friends.

    Then they brought back the twerk! Impressive.

  • Decision time – Judi is out

    Watch them kiss. So sad.

  • Hips don’t lie

    Come on Judi.

    Did you see how she looked on the dance floor.

    She even told Graz that she loved him afterwards.

    Oh !

  • Golden handshake

    Did you see Adam and Katya drop the “almost kiss” and shake hands at the end of their dance?

    What is that?

  • Flawless

    Adam and Katya are killing their save me dance right now.

  • Green Goddess

    How come AJ looks gorgeous even with green lips?

    Fans on the moon, she’s back for next week with boyf, oops, pro partner Kai.

  • So emosh

    Tess says it’s not over yet.

    Looks like everyone is saying goodbye though.

    What is happening?

  • Nooo not Judi

    She is just back on the show after the Covid !!

    She looks happy to be in the dance.

    Why does his speech sound like a goodbye, though.

  • TIC Tac

    It’s time to find out who else is in the dreaded dance-off.

  • Cannot process

  • Jerky tear

    Fans are in tears because of Rose and Gio – especially after he gushes about talking about her.

    One of them tweeted: “Rose and Giovanni actually make me cry. four tens.

  • So pink

    Have you seen Gio choke on talking about Rose?

    Their friendship is on the next level.

  • Kat-astrophic

    Did you see Adam’s face when it was announced that he and Katya were in the dance?

    He is always determined to do his best. I guess that’s the Olympian in him.


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