Strictly Come Dancing viewers threaten to boycott as Dan Walker mocks voters after results display

Strictly Come Dancing fans are threatening to boycott the show after Dan Walker pulls it off again and Tilly Ramsay is kicked out of the competition.

BBC breakfast host Dan Walker and partner Nadiya Bychkova have once again visited next week thanks to a public vote.

The Sheffield sports presenter came second from the bottom of the judges’ scores stand on Saturday, but the public still voted him and Nadiya.

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It was a week the dancing couples both returned to familiar territory, as Rhys and Nancy and Tilly and Nikita were forced to fight in the dance for the third time each.

This meant that the judges would have to save one of the couples for the third time. In the end, the judges chose to keep Rhys in the competition once again and said goodbye to Gordon Ramsay’s daughter, Tilly Ramsay.

Dan Walker and Nadiya Bychkova

On the results show Dan spoke of coming out of it again, calling it “absolutely ridiculous”, adding “we’re having a good time and we’re getting to the quarter-finals!” “

And Dan Walker fired back at the comments immediately after the news was announced.

He said: “Thanks to all of you who send beautiful messages and appreciate us having fun on #Strictly and to the few who say… ‘Go’

“You have no shame ?”
“You are a shame”
“It’s a solution” (which I don’t understand)
“Who votes for them? THIS IS A TV SHOW! See you in the quarterfinals ”- with a crying laughing emoji.

However, several fans disagreed and wasted no time in making their feelings known, with some even threatening to boycott.

@ MissAsh_7 said: “I just saw Dan survives another week so we have another week of him acting like he’s the only person on the show who had to learn all the dances.”

Adam Grant said: “Week 10 weather pre-recorded patch results show time Dan will probably survive again, I don’t know why he’s shit.

“Fed up with Shirley on the panel, she’s not as good as she was when she started out and the integrity of her and the show has gone down and the show is at an all-time low this year. “

Tess Daly presents Strictly Come Dancing
Tess Daly presents Strictly Come Dancing

James Fahy said: “I’m pissed that Dan did it, that means one of the others, who are ALL TALENTOUS dancers, has to go! He’s a nice guy, but it’s a DANCE competition. If I was one of the other couples, I would swallow my own tongue right now. “

Amy-Jo Hunt said: “Dan through! I can’t believe it’s the BBC, it’s not fair to the other top dancers”

Sarah Daniels said: “I don’t have a problem with Dan but he doesn’t dance, he just stays there while the pro dances. Everyone thinks he’s one of the top four in the competition as ‘he’s not in the last two. “

And some people went further, threatening to boycott the series if Dan Walker made it to the final.

Steph Hulme said: “If Dan makes it to the Strictly finals, I question everyone who voted for him and if he wins, I will never watch the show again”

Kylie Parker said: “Absolute joke. I swear if he qualifies for the final I’ll never watch Strictly again. @BBC always takes care of theirs, right. We found out he did. years ago. “

@ Emma071970 said: “Yes he is nice but he is not strictly a finalist, I will never watch him again if he is in the final.”

@ Mrscarter22 added, “Someone good will be fine because of Dan’s maintenance. He’ll be here until the end unless he does a John Sergeant (Sargent?) It’s going to make a mockery of the finale.”

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But not everyone has fallen for Dan.

Steve Giles said: “The judges” obviously favor “Tilly and Rose… I thought the idea of ​​the program was to see the journey of a non-dancer … Dan’s journey is getting better and better. He is improving week by week. . What is happening”

Strictly's Nikita Kuzmin and Tilly Ramsay left the competition this week
Strictly’s Nikita Kuzmin and Tilly Ramsay left the competition this week

Elizabeth Masson said: “I have no problem with Dan going, he has improved tremendously from week 1. Until last week I voted tactically to save Sara and Tom. Now I vote only on who I want to win, and if others do the same, so be it, but if AJ, John and Rose aren’t in the final “

In week 10 of the BBC show there were plenty of amazing performances with John and Johannes leading the rankings, scoring 39 points after performing a passionate Argentine tango.

Presenter AJ Odudu and partner Kai finished second with 36 points after their pair’s pick routine, Rhys and Nancy waltzed to third place with 35 points.

Rose and Giovanni also managed to impress the judges after scoring 33 after their fierce Paso Doble, Dan Walker and Nadiya scoring 31 after their Rumba.

This left Tilly Ramsey and his professional partner Nikita, who performed the samba, at the bottom of the standings with 30 points and ultimately Tilly was no longer to be saved.

Strictly Come Dancing returns next Saturday on BBC1.

Strictly It Takes Two will air on BBC2 at 6:30 p.m. Monday.

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