Strictly’s Ola and James Jordan baffled by Helen Skelton’s unfair scores in ‘difficult times’

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The lit tables Come dance strictly when Fleur East unexpectedly found herself in the bottom two, proving no one is safe from the dreaded dance.

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the old X factor The star made a major comeback with a stunning Argentinian tango that earned her two perfect marks from the judges, while CBeebies presenter Hamza Yassin dropped jaws with a sizzling salsa, Helen Skelton thrilled with a powerful Paso Doble and Tony Adams gave their all in a moving American Lisse.

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Here to weigh in the night are ex-Strictly pros Whoa and james jordan. Scroll for their weekly column Strictly speakingwhere the much-loved dancing duo give their predictions for Sunday night’s ball…

james: How good was Hamza? ! We believe the dance will go down in Strictly history as one of the most memorable and naturally rhythmic salsas ever performed on the show.

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Hamza Yassin tops the standings

Whoa: It was exceptional. Even the lifts and tricks they managed to perform were so impressive. He was really flexible in his body and in his arm movements too. I thought his salsa action was a bit off guard for me, but he was still amazing. It definitely stood out as one of the best we’ve seen on Strictly.

james: Longtime Strictly fans might remember Jake Wood and Janette Manrara’s unforgettable salsa from years ago – it’s one of those dances that sticks with you because of the music , tips and performance factor. But was Hamaza’s technically better?

Whoa: Absolutely. It will be one of the dances of the series I think.

james: I agree. His salsa was far superior, he made it seem effortless. I was happy when he came on the dance floor. I feel like we always see the weaker dances first and then the show picks up towards the end. I just wish the running order was mixed up a bit so there was more balance.

Hamza received an almost perfect score

Whoa: When Hamza and Jowita entered the ballroom with their mesmerizing salsa, the pace definitely picked up.

Who’s in danger dancing this week?

Whoa: Tony Adams continues to impress me week after week. He may be the weakest dancer in the competition, but he takes it seriously and he didn’t become the “novelty” actor. It’s nice to see.

james: I love it! Is he technically a good dancer? Not really, but he’s never taken dance lessons before. He goes there, he participates, he competes with much younger people who have had professional training in the past… and yet he is just as much fun. In fact, I think her dance was my second favorite dance of the night behind Hamza’s amazing Salsa.

Tony and Katya tackled an American Smooth

Whoa: What’s so great about Tony is that he really gets into the character of his performance. The American Smooth is supposed to be a softer, romantic dance, but he and Katya turned it into something quite sexy, sensual, and passionate. We really enjoyed it.

James: I think Katya does a fantastic job as a professional with a stardom that doesn’t match the abilities of the other people on the show.

Whoa: Everyone knows he’s never danced before, and for that he almost deserves more recognition. It’s just that you don’t expect it from him. Every week he comes out and performs better than the week before, and you heat him up. It’s endearing! I doubt very much that he will be in the bottom two tonight.

James: He’s holding up well and I think he’s going to go pretty far in the competition. He embraces the show for what it is and I think he does very well.

Whoa: Unfortunately, I think Matt Goss could see himself in the bottom two, or even leave tonight. He was much more engaged than in previous weeks and his enjoyment of style and song was clear in his performance, but his current Jive technique was not good.

Matt Goss found himself in the dance-off last week

james: You could tell he was having fun. Watching Matt dance is like he’s trying to control his body but someone else has the remote control. In fact, I rather liked his performance this week because he let himself go a little.

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Whoa: If he goes there this week, it’s a shame because he will be back on one of his most beautiful dances.

James: I agree, there were times during his performance on Saturday where I thought he might have a chance to stay in the competition a bit longer.

Whoa: I was surprised to see Ellie Taylor get better grades than Helen Skelton last night…

James: It was good, but I think it was a pretty forgettable performance. We might even see Ellie in the bottom two this week.

Whoa: I really hope Helen isn’t in the bottom two, she just doesn’t deserve to be there. I think Kym Marsh could possibly see herself in the dance, but she scored pretty high on the leaderboard, so it’s hard to say.

Has the dark horse of competition lost its edge?

Whoa: We have to talk about Will Mellor… He was our favorite from the start of the competition but he fell behind last night.

James: The Rumba was not his dance. It didn’t suit him at all. It was embarrassing, her posture was not correct, her heart sank and her shoulders sagged back. It was strange for me. I didn’t like it, it’s really a shame.

Whoa: The Rumba is a really difficult dance and it’s actually a good thing that he did it at the start of the series. I don’t think he’s likely to leave tonight.

Will and Nancy’s Rumba didn’t impress the judges this week

James: It’s always tricky to have a dance that doesn’t suit you, but Ola is right, at least he did earlier in the series. He’s definitely still a contender in the competition, but we’ll have to see if he makes it to the final.

Whoa: Tyler West is a prime example of someone who performed a dance that really suited them. He looked so good doing this Street Dance with Dianne, even though we don’t like the Couple’s Choice category.

james: It was so good, but I always thought the Couple’s Choice category just didn’t belong on Strictly. The program has always been about Latin dance and ballroom dancing, never about contemporary, street or hip-hop. It can be shocking to judge a show when there’s a dance style that doesn’t compare to others.

Whoa: We didn’t have the Couple’s Choice category when we were on the show, I think we missed it. There are many dance styles on the show now.

james: The judges must have had something to drink when Helen and Gorka danced… I can’t understand how she got such a low score. She certainly doesn’t deserve to be this far down the rankings.

Whoa: Maybe the judges are tough on her because they know she has potential?

james: Well, in my opinion, Helen was better than Fleur East last night. And yet they are marked so radically different. For me it was ridiculous, I have no explanation why it was rated so low.

Has Helen done enough to avoid the dance?

Whoa: Helen made the Paso Doble look effortless. She needed more power and more confidence and “zest” to make it perfect, but technically it was brilliant, it’s a shame she didn’t get a higher score. I really hope she’s not in the bottom two.

james: I feel like people have mixed feelings about Helen. I’ve seen things on Twitter that suggest not everyone likes it, but I don’t see it! I think she’s brilliant and I love her partnership with Gorka, she deserves to go far in the competition. Has Fleur East done enough to save herself from dancing?

Whoa: Do we think Fleur East has made a big enough comeback to stay out of the bottom two this week? We were so surprised to see her dance.

james: I think her Argentine tango was great, and I think she still has a long way to go in competition. His performance was in my top three of the night, but do I think it was worth two 10s? I do not know.

Whoa: It really suited him. It’s easy to get carried away with the choreography and the passion, the performance factor, but the technical aspects of the dance weren’t executed enough to get a ten, I don’t think.

Fleur made a comeback with a spirited and passionate performance

james: As Ola told me, it sounded like Vito was supporting her for a good part of the dance. To say that it was still great! I would have given it an eight out of ten if I had been on the jury. I don’t think you can compare his performance to Hamza’s. If Fleur’s is a 10, then Hamza should have been 15. But that’s just my opinion!

Whoa: I don’t think she needs to worry about being in the dance. I’ve seen it before where people have been in the bottom two and then gone all the way to the final. I would like to see a little more of her in the weeks to come.


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