The Best of Santa Barbara® Sports Life 2021


Mountain air sports | Credit: Brian Kuhlmann

Health club

YMCA Santa Barbara

Offering a wide range of services, from familiar swimming and group exercise lessons to childcare, the Livestrong program for cancer patients and the extraordinary Noah’s Anchorage downtown facility for young people without shelter and runaways, the YMCA has carved out a unique place for itself in the heart of our community. For executive director Craig Prentice, receiving the award for best health club means more than ever during the pandemic because “in these difficult times, the YMCA is trying to rebuild itself and be a cornerstone” for Santa Barbara. Our readers believe they are successful.

Finalist: Santa Barbara Athletic Club

Yoga studio

CorePower Yoga

With multiple locations and an unmatched range of offerings, CorePower continues to occupy the top spot in this highly competitive category. From on-demand, live CorePower at Home classes tailored for pandemics to Yoga Sculpt with free weights, stimulating vinyasa and even Hot Power Fusion detox classes with extra moisture, CorePower provides yogis and yoginis with a unique answer to all their needs.

Runner-up: Yoga Soup

Pilates studio

Studio X

For Santa Barbaran native Kelley Pike, owner / founder of Studio X, this award reflects a powerful commitment to building community through health and wellness. Her dedication to providing a true boutique experience means that every customer feels understood, accepted and cherished. Speaking about how Studio X has been a place for people not only to train and grow stronger, but also to connect with others during a tough time, Pike says, “Yes, you enjoy training, but what keeps you coming back is the feeling of being seen. This can manifest on so many levels. She looks forward to expanding her offering over the coming year and celebrating this victory with her team and clients. .

Finalist: Core Sport

Martial arts studio

Paragon Academy

At Paragon Academy, martial arts training is seen as the way to achieve a larger goal, which is to improve not only the self-defense abilities of their students, but also their ability to respond to any challenge. and life’s opportunities. Gym co-owner and manager John Sandoval says the favorite part of his team’s job is to “see positive change in the lives of our students.” To that end, Paragon instructors are already designing a program for a new type of classroom that will add after-school tutoring for young martial arts students to their model.

Finalist: Santa Barbara Dojo (Martial Arts Family Fitness)

Dance studio

Santa Barbara Dance Arts

While Santa Barbara Dance Arts offers classes for all ages and skill levels, owner and founder Alana Tillim believes there is something special about what’s going on there for younger students. Tillim says the families who support SBDA “know that dance can be the place where their child has their first goal and their first disappointment and that we will love and nurture them through it as we build a generation of dancers with courage and dedication. resilience “. This is one of the reasons she recently launched an Inclusion Coalition, the goal of which is “to identify and remove blind spots in our industry by partnering with local nonprofits in relationship with racial justice, LBGTQIA +, body positivity, mental health and the disabled. ”In the coming years, Tillim hopes to expand this Santa Barbara-based program nationwide, demonstrating another way dance leads to growth at any age.

Finalist: Arthur Murray Dance Studio

Fitness program

Killer B Fitness | Credit: Brian Kuhlmann

Killer B Fitness

At Killer B Fitness, workouts aren’t meant to be easy. Owner and chiropractor Bob Wilcher believes that fitness is about “accepting the physical and mental challenges that come with improving our overall health” and “not being comfortable around us.” During the pandemic, the Killer B team had to live this philosophy very concretely, as the studio was forced to move twice. Yet even that stress has led to progress because, while on the move, Killer B discovered that they had made a lot of friends in the community over the past 17 years. Everything shows that, as Wilcher says, “when you work hard alongside each other and support each other, strong bonds and relationships are formed. “

Finalist: Bond Fitness


El Capitán State Beach

There is nowhere in the world like the coast of Gaviota, and there is no better place to experience it than the state beach of El Capitán. Park Ranger Scott Anderson also serves at Refugio Beach and Gaviota Campground, so he knows what he’s talking about when he says “there are a lot of great campgrounds in the Santa Barbara area, and being voted the best.” by our community and the surrounding communities is an honor. ”With COVID limiting travel and putting national parks under pressure from overcrowding, the presence of pristine beaches and well-managed campgrounds like El Capitán State Beach is none that more precious; we are fortunate to have this special place so close to the city.

Finalist: El Capitan Canyon

Camping equipment store • Snowboard / ski equipment store

Mountain air sports

Mountain Air Sports staff hears some of the world’s most amazing outdoor adventure stories from their loyal clientele of ski, snowboard and camping enthusiasts. For store manager Joey Duddridge, selling winter sports equipment a block from the beach is actually a perfect fit, as he believes in Santa Barbara, “locals really understand what makes a community. and how important it is to support the places you want around ”. He and the rest of the Mountain Air team look forward to winter and “another year of excitement!”

Finalist: replay the sport

Surf shop

Channel Islands surfboards

Is it any wonder that the flagship store of the world’s most iconic high-performance surf brand is two blocks from Santa Barbara Beach? With decades of experience making great boards near Rincon, Channel Islands is a household name wherever people know what serious surfing is. The shop itself is a beauty. Arriving early in the Funk Zone, they stock up on everything from wetsuits and beach towels to boardshorts and bikinis. In addition to the huge selection of gorgeous new boards they have used boards and for the ultimate Channel Islands experience they will tailor something to your personal specifications.

Finalist: Surf n ‘Wear Beach House

Swimwear store

Bikini factory

Founded by Sally Yater in Santa Barbara in 1965, when bikinis first conquered the world, this local boutique then moved to its current location in Summerland, where it makes custom tops, bottoms and even one-piece suits. . since. Now owned by Linda Meyer, the boutique continues to thrive as customers tout the attention to detail, the wide array of options and the intimate atmosphere as the best there is.

Finalist: Surf n ‘Wear Beach House

Bicycle shop

Bob’s bike

For 36 years, Bicycle Bob’s has offered the best of cycling to a discerning clientele who knows how to recognize value. As authorized Trek and Bontrager dealers, the staff at Bicycle Bob’s can advise you on how to take care of your bike, or how to take your bike to the next level. Thanks to COVID, the demand for bicycles, and in particular e-bikes, has skyrocketed, so we are fortunate to have a constant supply of the latest developments in both categories through Bicycle Bob’s. If you haven’t tried one yet, consider renting a demo electric bike from them and prepare to be blown away.

Finalist: Velo Pro Cyclery

Place to get sneakers

Santa Barbara running

Owner Joe DeVreese and his wife and partner, Monica DeVreese, want everyone who voted for them to know that they “thank you for supporting a family, local business.” It is a privilege to create jobs in the community and cultivate bonds and relationships to help and improve lives through running and fitness. With the pandemic pushing more people outdoors and onto roads and trails to maintain their health and fitness than ever before, shoes are important. The Santa Barbara Running staff are committed to providing customers with full support whether they are running, walking, walking or training.

Finalist: Deckers brand showcase

Golf field

Glen Annie Golf Club

This magnificent facility in the heart of Goleta offers world-class tournament-level golf with a majestic view of the. This magnificent facility in the heart of Goleta offers world-class tournament-level golf with majestic views of the Pacific and the Channel Islands. Membership of Course’s 805 Club allows you to obtain significant reductions on green fees which are valid on weekends as well as on weekdays. The clubhouse is an architectural gem with plenty of outdoor seating, making it a perfect option for the all-important 19th hole.

Finalist: Sandpiper Golf Club

Hiking trail

Inspiration point

With access from both the Tunnel Road trailhead and – for those with more time, energy, and stronger legs – the Jesusita Trail, Inspiration Point is the frontcountry gem for views. spectacular and its namesake inspiration. While the round trip from Tunnel Road can be done in a matter of hours, there are plenty of offshoots and secret places to explore in an entire day. With Mission Canyon at your feet and the Channel Islands stretching out in front of you, it’s easy to see why this hike took first place in this category full of ‘top spots’.

Runner-up: Cold Spring

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