The Internet has fallen in love with Splatoon 3’s Big Man

A recent presentation revealed some interesting information regarding Splaton 3, the third upcoming title in the ink-based third-person shooter franchise. Once again, players will be able to step into the shoes of the Inkling or Octoling of their choice and fight against others using a variety of inkjet weapons. Splaton 3 will feature a mix of new and old game modes, and will primarily take place in a new town called Splatsville. Resident in Splatsville are Deep Cut, a music group that will host competitive Splatfest events. Deep Cut member Big Man the manta ray quickly gained popularity among fans just days after his official reveal.


Deep Cut is a three-member band, consisting of Shiver the Octoling, Frye the Inkling, and Big Man the Manta Ray. In addition to hosting Splatfest events and performing music, Deep Cut also provides news and updates via its podcast, Anarchy Splatcast. Their debut song, “Anarchy Rainbow”, is an upbeat, danceable piece that effectively ties into the “chaos” theme of Splatville and its surrounding Splatlands. While the three Deep Cut members were positively received, Big Man immediately stood out.

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Big Man is different from previous announcers

Music-themed Splatfest hosts were a staple of the Splatoon franchise since the very first game. The original game had the Squid Sisters, Callie and Marie, whose popularity earned them an appearance as Trophy Assist in the fighting game. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Splaton 2 featured Off the Hook, a pop duo consisting of Pearl the Inkling and Marina the Octarian. Both were highly regarded, leading to larger and more plot-relevant appearances in the game’s Octo expansion. While Shiver and Frye are sleek humanoids in the style of their predecessors, Big Man represents a major deviation from the norm.

Big Man is the first male announcer to appear in a Splatoon rather than having a humanoid appearance, Big Man appears as a slightly anthropomorphized manta ray, with small “feet” that allow him to dance. He is the main dancer of the group and seems to have an upbeat personality. Fans across the internet find the inclusion of a host who isn’t an Inkling or Octoling refreshing, and many have said Big Man was their favorite Deep Cut member.

Its name and design are distinct and memorable

Inspired by real-life rays, Big Man’s design features a seemingly permanent smile. His mouth and eyes are located on the underside of his body, and he wears a kabuki mask on top of his head, where a real ray’s eyes would be. The design of his mask appears to be inspired by Nezumi Kozo, a popular thief character from kabuki plays who was often depicted wearing a red string over his mouth and nose. Fans liked Big Man’s design and particularly noticed his positive attitude and constant smile, feeling that Big Man was heart-warming.

Big Man has also drawn attention due to his catchy and memorable name. Fans were quick to declare themselves “Big Fans” or “Big Stans” in social media posts supporting the character. Fans welcomed the decision to use the name “Big Man” over his original Japanese name “Mantaro” or just a variation of “Ray”, which is used in multiple languages. The appearance of the “-Man” suffix in his name also led to jokes that Big Man was secretly a mega man boss or a superhero who deserved to appear alongside Batman and Superman. Although Super Smash Bros Ultimate released its latest DLC, fans are also campaigning for the inclusion of Big Man as a playable fighter.

Fans can’t wait to support Big Man in Splatfests

The three members of Deep Cut will serve as leaders for Splatoon 3 Three-team splatfests and Tricolor Turf War events. The first Splatfest will feature teams tied to the classic children’s game “Rock, Paper, Scissors”, with Big Man representing Team Scissors. Fans have already taken to social media to encourage others to join Team Scissors and support Big Man. Memes have also been created regarding the irony of Big Man, who has no hands or fingers, being chosen to represent scissors. Although it’s not guaranteed, there seems to be a good chance that Big Man’s team will take the win in the first Splaton 3 Splash party.

With Splaton 3it is With the release date fast approaching, fans would love to hear more about three-team Splatfests or the new map-based mode Tableturf Battle, while others are just hoping to see more Deep Cut and Big Man in particular. Hopefully, the developer will embrace the character’s popularity and release lots of Big Man-related content as soon as possible.

Splaton 3 will be released on September 9, 2022 on Nintendo Switch.

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