The Late Christy Bracken, Collins Park, Thurles – An Appreciation

A man involved in many local organizations, he was described as a gentleman

It is with great sadness that we recently learned of the passing of the late Christy Bracken, Collins Park, Thurles.

We had known Christy for many years through her association with Thurles & District Vintage Club.

He was always front and center when something needed to be done, especially at the many vintage rallies and also vintage shows, all of which were held in support of North Tipperary Hospice.

He helped so much and was always so caring and worked really hard to make sure everything was in good shape before the big crowds came out to support the club.

Christy would know what needed to be done and he wouldn’t need to be asked to do it and no matter how busy he was that day he was always a nice man to meet.

Of course, Christy was also very interested in music and dancing and was very well known to all social dancing enthusiasts and loved to attend dances in different areas.

Christy loved meeting people and was always very pleasant and pleasant to talk to. Christy, it was a pleasure to know you and we pray that you have found eternal rest, happiness and peace in the presence of the Lord.

Rest dear friend – you will never be forgotten

Now all our thoughts of you will be joyful,
Of the things we’ve done and the happy times we’ve shared,
Although we are sad, dear friend, because you left us,
We will remember you and wish you were always here,
We will think of you and offer a prayer

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