This one passes Cubana: Nigerians react as video shows recent wedding where only dollars were pulverized Nigeria news


  • With the tendency to rain money on occasions already here, a couple’s wedding ceremony has raised the bar for display
  • Video from the recent tasteful wedding ceremony showed how guests made it rain only in dollars
  • The dollar bills became the carpet of the occasion as they flew left, right and center over the dancing couple and guests

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A couple’s wedding ceremony has become a topic of conversation on social media due to the way bags of money flaunt their wealth.

The rich wedding occasion turned into a dollar spray madness, as seen in an Instagram video shared by @maxwelljennings.

Guests sprayed nothing but dollars at the glamorous wedding ceremony Photo credit: Screenshots from video shared by @maxwelljennings
Source: Instagram

The occasion of the lovebirds identified as Bernice & Kojo was as if it was a rule of entry that no currency other than the dollar should be presented.

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From left to right and from the center, the money rained to the point that it littered the floor and became a carpet for the dancing couple and the guests.

Social media users react to scenes in the video

@francistibweh said:

“This is the one-time type of wedding and it will keep you from attending a wedding for the rest of your life.”

@_toyss_ said:

“No, the way I’m going to keep dancing shoki for the money Spray me on the money. Let me buy a new car.”

@rhodilove commented:

“At this point, de3, they’re busy working for their money, I’m laughing like a killa.”

@feliciagrahambeauty wrote:

“I would have loved to be the broom sweeping the floor.”

@simplykeren noted:

“If I haven’t seen Ghana, I would say they are from Anambra state.”

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