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(WR Cedrick Wilson’s ribs. I know anyone who has a rib injury probably thinks it’s serious but does it seem short term long term then the decision to start CB Kader Kohou and no CB Nik Needham in second half at corner if you could talk about it?) – “So the first one that was ribs, the good news is after imaging and everything, there’s no break, but it hurts a lot so it’s going to be a day-to-day situation. But we’ll see how it progresses. Those are – if you’ve ever had a rib injury, it affects every movement, including breathing. So we’ll see how it progresses day by day. And then, yes, “KK” (Kader Kohou) as I affectionately call it, in every game there are different types of matches that – we’re very matchup oriented as I’ve talked about at length. I’m not an absolute guy. So in a game, you can adjust plans and sometimes it can even be a look in someone’s eye that you’re like, ‘I gotta give this guy a chance.’ And he had this look around him in the second half and we thought we could introduce him, and he rose to the challenge. It was nothing but this game, which looked at him kind of like. It wasn’t Not necessarily, as it wasn’t a bench situation; it was more of a feature situation if that makes sense. But we think he did a pretty good job for his opportunities.

(When you get feedback like that, what does it do to the confidence of the team? How does it feel to have that in your back pocket to know you can do it?) – “Well, I think it’s for every team every year, you kind of have to feel that before you can have full and absolute commitment and control over the games ahead. The way I see football in general is that after you take a lead or you make a comeback, eventually you start to realize that it’s all trivial. You play football and then you figure out what the fourth quarter score is for me. So it’s easy to say, much better learned with direct experience, and every team has to do that and when you’re part of a game like that, you learn lessons for both sides of the coin. You learn that you’re in every game but also that no lead is secure so that’s great great It’s great that we were able to win in that learning process but something that I think good teams that finish by winning significant matches every year ee; they know because it’s very rare that you can win more than you lose and make everyone come, ‘hey, we got the ad from the start.’ So I was really excited about this whole process and how the guys reacted, because there were many times when they could have tapped and they didn’t.”

(WR Jaylen Waddle and WR Tyreek Hill set records yesterday, obviously, but you got 192 yards from players not carrying 10s and 17s. How important is it for this offense to get that much production out of guys? that aren’t animal-themed nicknames? ) – “I mean, unbeknownst to you, I named each player an animal. (laugh) No, it’s crucial. Part of good offense is using all five eligible on the field and defenses are too good in the National Football League that if you’re a one or two trick pony they can possibly dictate the terms and make you much less effective so each and every game you try to distribute the ball to your playmakers and we have plenty of that. Sometimes given circumstances or defensive presentations dictate – people get more from one game than the next. I’ve alluded before that statistically the best offense I’ve ever been on was the Atlanta Falcons in 2016 and I think Julio received 300 yards against the Panthers; the game before he had a catch for 16 yards. So you have to be able to take advantage of the clashes or the defenses if the opportunity arises, but you also have to be able to distribute the ball so that the guys cannot play too much on one or two individuals.

(Yesterday you talked about talking to the team about adversity, being prepared and how to react when it comes up. What kind of message will you get for obviously a big game coming up on Sunday ?) – “Not to take me too literally and excessively; it was a little too much adversity for my taste. (laugh) No, the biggest message is that you don’t ignore the obvious. The Buffalo Bills won the division and did an incredible job in all three phases, so what could be better for the Miami Dolphins, they are a young team that is really committed and very eager to play football; what better opportunity than to play the best and see where you stand? So I don’t think you’re hiding it. I think you accept the fact that it is a good football team and that there is only one way to be classified as a good football team: you beat the good football teams. So there are a lot of opportunities during the season. Specifically, there’s 17 if anybody’s counting, so it’s 1/17th and it’s 1/6th of our divisional games, but it’s also an opportunity for us to see where we are and d to face the best who as competitors – who our team is very competitive – you take advantage of this opportunity. It’s exciting so we’ll do our best to prepare and see where we are at the end of maybe 4:30 on Sunday.”

(As a coach, how quickly do you have to turn the page after such a big win?) – “You give away game night and then today you wake up and you go train your guys on the previous game with the view and the scope to move forward. It doesn’t matter what today’s result is Now it’s all about learning from things that happened in the game and then immediately moving on to the next opponent Time is limited and you have the second half of Monday and Tuesday to come up with a plan for your players on Wednesday , so you don’t have much time , if any , to really absorb the win and that would be uncomfortable anyway.You are constantly, in football as a coach or a player, trying to improve yourself and c “is what makes it fun. It’s useful. And then what you don’t necessarily get better by basking in glory or dwelling on defeat; that’s next and so I’m already at half way.”

(There was so much going on in this game yesterday. It felt like twice normal speed. When you watched the movie, was there anything that surprised you?) – “You deal with every situation as it comes your way. When you step back and watch the game and I watched it in the order of play, the three phases, the ups and downs, I don’t certainly haven’t done him justice for the emotional ups and downs during that I’m just sitting there trying to watch defense and talk to coaches and then set up play calls and then call offensive plays and he seemed like every time we gained momentum we lost it and at an exhausting rate. So that made it more real. I ended up showing the players what that accomplishment was for this game regular season, how they – opening kick, punch in the gut More than the team, but even the coaches, this was Danny Crossman’s first special teams kick off for a touched in 20 or 21 years of career and he managed that – he was on the next game, just like the unity of the teams s special. the ball, you are down seven and you return the ball. Then it’s 10 mins and 50 cond drive to the 1 yard line to go up 14-0; then you flip them over the stockings. Then you go 95 yards or whatever to score a touchdown to tie. Then the next defensive snap, a 75-yard touchdown. Then a few errors in attack and it’s 28-7 at halftime. Then the first possession, you get to 28-14. Then the defense gets a three-and-out, I think. Then the offense in turn, does not play free football and is unable to convert and must punt. Then they score 35-14. I mean, wow. In it, like I said, I try to lead by example with the players and I’m not as worried about the score, but then you step back and look from a fan’s perspective, from one point of view and from one man, it’s exhausting. So the biggest benefit of that was the internal courage of the team. I felt it yesterday. I was very proud of how they came out in the second half, but I got more appreciation for it today watching the movie.”

(For the performance QB Tua Tagovailoa had yesterday, what does that do for your relationship together and the ability to build this offense going forward?) – “I think it allows him – it kind of makes tangible what his teammates myself, the coaching staff have seen this whole offseason. It evolves – he took such a step in the right direction yesterday a threw an interception that he was absolutely disgusted with himself and in that game to take coaching and keep going – that was probably his biggest mistake he made all season so that makes him even more real and what it can do for him, if he’s just worried about playing the next game and not rushing or being too hard on himself, so I think the message for that and for his growth personal is huge, but I also think it’s great for a player to feel – he knows he’s done some really, really good things. I think deep down inside – he would never say that – but I think you’d have to be a little crazy not to be like, “Hey, six touchdowns, that was pretty good, wasn’t it? and not”. But I think there’s also something about the fact that none of his teammates were surprised, which has a lot more impact than words. You can feel that when guys don’t say “woah, man, where’s that from?” I think it’s great for him. He deserves it. None of this was given. He earned every ounce of what I know the players respect a lot, so I think that benefits all players and coaches included.

(It’s kind of fun to end. I know you’re really big on film. What was your breakdown of TE Mike Gesicki’s Griddy film?) – “Oh see, I have a lot of resources at my disposal. As a head coach, you certainly do very little or almost nothing on your own, so with all my resources I was able to get images of maybe others or maybe some other people trying the same dance moves who may or may not be dads, dads We had to outsource some images from the general population for the put it in perspective to make sure his teammates knew it wasn’t a mediocre effort, that it could get worse, but it was in the family of the worst. Does that make sense?”

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