UA Ballroom Competition Team Prepare for the Gamecock Invitational



University of Alabama Collegiate Ballroom Competition Team trains three evenings a week at the AU Student Recreation Center for the Gamecock Invitational, a ballroom dance competition on Saturday, October 23 at the University of South Carolina.

There are more than 20 ballroom dance styles, but UA ballroom dancers practiced everything from standard to Latin.

Soft / Standard Ballroom Dance includes Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, and more, while Rhythm / Latin Dance consists of Rumba, Cha-Cha, Swing, and Mambo.

“A lead and a follow respond synchronously, using body language to convey their emotions and energy,” said Jayna Enguita, a chemical engineering junior and UA ballroom dancer. “Whether the room is silent or the music is singing from the speakers, a partnership dancing on the floor turns the space into something magical. “

There are many skill levels for ballroom dancing, from beginner, or pre-bronze, to bronze, to silver and then to gold; any level above gold is considered professional. Most UA ballroom dancers are at the beginner and bronze level, with a few in the silver division. They haven’t participated in any competitions yet, but have attended several social dance events.

A few weeks ago, the sister club of ballroom dancers, Crimson Tide Ballroom Dancers, organized a “Decades Dance” event open to all. Attendees dressed in the fashions of any decade and watched the performances of the Crimson Tide Ballroom Dancers and the Collegiate Ballroom Competition Team. There were couple dances and line dances for everyone to participate.

No experience is required to be part of the team.

The president of the collegiate ballroom competition team Louis LeBoeuf, a junior specializing in mechanical engineering, and the vice-president Lauryn Smith, a junior specializing in management and marketing, share a passion for ballroom dancing.

Smith considers being a part of the college ballroom competition team like a sorority

“Almost after every dance, we always go get food or go to someone’s house to play board games, card games or whatever we want to do,” Smith said.

For Leboeuf, the educational aspect is the best part. He likes to take the dancers out of their shells so that they are confident in their dance. “Our biggest goal is to have fun,” said Leboeuf. “We are a big family and have a bonding event every two weeks as well as two social dances which we attend every Friday night.”

The team can’t wait to show off their talent during the competition in October.


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