Valentine’s Day Date Ideas Around Snohomish County

Love is in the air as we approach the national celebration of love and romance this Valentine’s Day. And while chocolates and flowers make great gifts any day of the year, sometimes it’s more exciting to change things up.

Skydiving Snohomish

Valentine’s Day date idea

For thrill seekers looking to rush this Valentine’s Day, consider soaring 15,000 feet above the Snohomish River Valley with Skydive Snohomish.

Located just 20 miles north of Seattle at 9906 Airport Way in the town of Snohomish, Skydive Snohomish is more than an adrenaline junkie’s dream. See the scenic Snohomish River and magnificent mountain ranges from a new perspective.

The Skydive Snohomish team collectively has over 100 years of skydiving experience, over 80,000 skydives and nearly 32,000 hours in the sky. Beginners can expect to dive in tandem with a highly qualified expert who will coach and guide them every step of the way.

Snohomish Hot Air Balloon Ride

Valentine’s Day date idea

Take a sunset ride in a hot air balloon with Chief Pilot Captain Bob, who has logged over 9,000 hours of hot air balloon flying. Captain Bob has flown hot air balloons all over the world, but Snohomish is his favorite – hovering just above rivers and trees, but high enough to see Seattle, BC, and the Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges.

With 360-degree unobstructed sights, hot air balloon rides have been dubbed a “nature walk in the sky.”

The Snohomish Balloon Ride is located at Harvey Airfield in the historic Snohomish District.

Bowlero Lynnwood

Valentine’s Day date idea

Bowling, arcade games, pool, food and drink – Bowlero has it all for a fun night out for the activity-oriented couple.

With a wide variety of menu items and entertainment all within one establishment, Bowlero is not only the perfect night out for couples, but also for group dates or single friends.

Cinebar Mountlake Terrace

Information about Regal Cinebarre Mountlake |  Royal theaters

A dinner party and a movie can be a cliche, but sometimes cliches exist because they work. At Cinebarre, you can dine and watch a movie while relaxing in comfortable recliners and enjoying waiter service during the movie. At Cinebarre, you won’t have to risk missing an important scene for a popcorn race.

This 21-plus establishment also has a full bar, so be sure to arrive early for a pre-viewing cocktail.

Granite Falls Hike

Heather Lake Trail Hiking Trail, Granite Falls, Washington
Valentine’s Day date idea

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t get out and enjoy the refreshing Northwest air with a bit of summit training. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of beautiful scenic trails in Snohomish County, and nothing says romance more than nature. Consider hiking the following trails:

  • Lake Trail 22
  • Heather Lake Trail
  • Mount Pilchuck Trail
  • Gothic Basin Trail
  • Four Great Ice Caves Trail
  • Lime Kiln Trail
  • Robe Canyon Historic Trail
  • Granite Falls Fish Ladder Trail
  • Pinnacle Lake Trail
  • cutthroat lakes

Tulalip Resort Casino

Tulalip Resort Casino’s offerings don’t stop at gambling – although they do have that too. Book a night at the hotel, dress to impress, dine on state-of-the-art food, take in live shows, or spend a day at the luxurious 14,000 square foot spa, where couples can enjoy a romantic day in the car. – care.

Lynnwood ballroom dancing

Lynnwood ballroom dancing

Sign up for private or group dance lessons at Lynnwood Ballroom Dance. Whether you’re new to dancing, learning a wedding routine, or building on your existing skills, Lynnwood Ballroom Dance‘s diverse and experienced staff will meet you no matter what your level.

Lynnwood Ballroom Dance teaches a variety of different dance styles including swing, two-step, bachata, lindy hop, cha-cha, merengue, waltz, tango, foxtrot, salsa, rumba , foxy and many others.

Escape from Everett

Everett Escape Room |  Escape from Everett

What better way to get to know your partner than to lock yourself in a room together and attempt cooperative puzzles in an attempt to escape?

In Escape Everett, you are the heroes participating directly in a fun, live-action, and immersive story where you must use your wits and teamwork skills to solve puzzles and escape the room in less time. one o’clock.

Quarantine Date Ideas

Of course, enjoying Valentine’s Day doesn’t require spending money to show your partner that you really care. And with the COVID outbreak still ongoing, it can be daunting to be on the go. Here are some home safe date ideas for quarantined, stay-at-home, or cost-conscious couples.

Passport dates

Just because travel is restricted right now doesn’t mean you still can’t satisfy that craving for exotic cultures with the one you love.

Close your eyes and choose a country on a map. Whatever you choose, learn how to cook a meal from that country, watch a movie, read about the country’s history and culture, and learn a few phrases in its native language. Have an arts and crafts day and make passports by drawing stamps for each country you’ve covered.

Board games evening

Who doesn’t love board games? They’re competitive, team-building, strategic, and just plain fun. Learning a new game together can also be a date in itself. Try picking a game you’ve never heard of before, research online, pour yourself a glass of wine, and spend a day at home with some easy entertainment.

Take a Masterclass

How did MasterClass start?.  The MasterClass Story |  Origins of the brand

Learn to write, cook a new dish, skateboard or do magic tricks. Truly, with Masterclass, there’s something for everyone with a variety of different interests, all taught by celebrities and experts in the field. Try watching Penn and Teller’s Masterclass on Magic Tricks and putting on a magic show for each other, or watching Steve Martin’s Masterclass on Comedy and putting on a stand-up comedy act.

In today’s age, most of us are guilty of gorging on TV shows. But at least with Masterclass, you and your partner can discover a new hobby or skill.

spa day

While self-care is important, it doesn’t necessarily require an expensive outing. Sometimes the best way to spend an evening with your partner is to drop a bath bomb in the tub, light some candles, put on face masks and exchange massages. The best part is that it can be paired with any of the previously mentioned ideas for a date that is intimate, hectic and lived in the comfort of your home.

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