We Dance ? The song highlights the tragedy of years gone by


Zhang Dequan (center) dances alone at the Mohe Ballroom.

“Mohe Ballroom,” a No. 1-ranked hit song on almost all major music streaming sites, tells the heart-wrenching story of a widower dancing alone in an old-fashioned dance hall in a remote border town after lost his wife in one of the biggest forest fires in the country’s history in Daxing’anling, northeast China, 34 years ago.

The song which garnered more than 2.3 billion views was written and sung by independent musician Liu Shuang and released a year ago. It suddenly went viral online.

“Maybe it somehow resonates with the conservative view of loving people,” Liu, also baffled by his sudden popularity, told Beijing News.

The song that matches people’s ideas of Eternal and Loyal Love has received over 50,000 comments on NetEase Music Cloud. one of China’s most popular music streaming apps. On Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, “Mohe Ballroom” is a hot topic, linked to 2.2 million related videos with over 1.8 billion views.

The song is dedicated to an old man named Zhang Dequan and his late wife, Liu says at the start of the song.

Liu met Zhang in 2019 when Zhang was dancing alone in an old-fashioned dance hall in Mohe, located at the northern end of Heilongjiang Province and near Daxing’anling dense forest. Zhang said he lost his wife, a dance lover, to the horrific hell that left 211 dead and 266 injured in 1987. They often danced in the warehouse when she was alive.

Mohe Ballroom is located in Area 38 in Mohe, the northernmost city in China. The owner of the ballroom, named Baoge, posted a photo and video taken on October 8 on his social media platforms.

The ballroom is currently closed due to the pandemic.

We Dance ?  The song highlights the tragedy of years gone by


Mohe is China’s northernmost city in Heilongjiang Province.

Baoge said he met Zhang when the ballroom opened in early 2019. He came five or six times a week, dancing alone for over an hour at a time. But the old man has not appeared for two years.

He was not aware of Zhang’s story until the song became popular.

Liu said he first learned of the catastrophic fire when Zhang told his story.

We Dance ?  The song highlights the tragedy of years gone by

A photo of Mohe Ballroom posted by its owner, Baoge

Despite heavy losses in the blaze, many young people did not hear about the disaster until they learned the song.

The fire of May 5, 1987 was the result of small fires caused by the improper use of a machine by a forestry worker and two other workers who were smoking.

After the incident, a memorial room was built in the county to educate people about fire prevention, and May 6 was designated as “Fire Prevention Day” and May as “Fire Prevention Month. To Mohe.

We Dance ?  The song highlights the tragedy of years gone by

A scene from the devastating fire is recreated in the memorial hall.

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