Westbury nightclub gets sex entertainment license



A WESTBURY nightclub has won its application for a sexual entertainment license.

Director of Comus Leisure, the company that owns the club, Barrie White has previously said the license is for charity and non-charity events such as men’s reviews and pole dance parties.

Under the license, Venom will now be allowed to hold events with lap dances, stage strippers and strip shows with full nudity.

Officers noted that Venom had been hosting such events for over 20 years without any complaints being received by Wiltshire Council.

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At the meeting, Mr White said: “We have never had a reason to call the police, a complaint from a member of the public, a complaint from an artist or anyone else.

“We just need to run these events more frequently as my venue has been closed for 18 months and costs £ 20,000 per month to operate and I have received £ 34,000 in government grants.

“We have to do more of everything to survive. We have been members of this community since 1996 and have had no objection from the public.

Mr White noted that 15 years ago the company received an award from Wiltshire Police for being a responsible business.

Cllr Peter Hutton asked how Mr. White would ensure that no ad was “inappropriately placed”.

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The advisor also asked if the performers worked until closing (5 a.m.) if the club would call them a taxi if they didn’t have their own transportation.

Mr White explained that lap dancing parties were not advertised in the area and were promoted through word of mouth, clubs and social media.

The club owner added that all performers have their own transportation, but if they were ever stranded he would make sure they called a cab.

Cllr Stewart Palmen, who chaired the meeting, asked why the pole dancing box on the form was not checked despite Mr. White talking about entertainment.

He said that because the artists would be fully dressed, he did not need a license for pole dancing.

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In his closing remarks, club owner Mr White said: “For a business to do what we do, being here for a long time means we are managing responsibly.

“I am a father and I live in the region. I’m not doing anything to bring some kind of problem to the area.

“I’m happy to say, judging by the public response, that they love what we do and that there has never been any meanness towards us.”

No public objections were sent to Wiltshire Council during the consultation period for the offer. The meeting was then adjourned for 20 minutes so that councilors could make the decision to grant Mr. White and Comus Leisure the license for sexual entertainment.


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