What is Len Goodman’s net worth? How much does the judge “DWTS” earn


Dancing with the stars first appeared on television across America in 2005, but Len goodman started career long before DWTS was a spark in the eye of an ABC producer. Through Len’s hard work on and off stage, the dancer has amassed a huge net worth. See how much the professional ballroom dancer earns – and how he earns it – below!

Len’s fortune is estimated at $ 18 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth, but he didn’t always intend to become a professional dancer. The Dancing with the stars the judge was an apprentice welder and didn’t start dancing until he was 19 when a doctor recommended him following a foot injury.

“I had an old Scottish doctor tell me to go ballroom dancing. He said it was very good for your feet because you go up and down a lot. My girlfriend made it all happen, ”said Len. The Guardian in 2006. “I really didn’t want to go, I made quite a fuss. But once I had been there for a few weeks, I absolutely loved it. I realized I had a bit of a talent for it.

From there his professional career began; Len won various competitions and eventually retired in his late twenties.

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Now Len mostly earns money acting as Chief Justice on DWTS, where we say he does $ 1.2 million per season. He only missed two seasons of the show, one being season 29, which he was unable to attend as he was in the UK and unable to travel due to strict travel restrictions linked to COVID-19. He also ruled the UK version of the show, Come dance strictly, since its creation in 2004 until 2016.

In addition to his career judging talented celebrities (or celebrities with two left feet), Len also has Len Goodman School of Dance, one of the oldest dance schools in Kent, England. The courses per person, per class, range from $ 8.25 (£ 6.00) to $ 13.74 (£ 10.00), so he is likely not to make a large amount of money with the ‘school.

In short, not bad for a kid who has just injured his foot!

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