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It has come to the attention of this author that a new character has debuted in this season of Bridgerton: Theo Sharpe, embodied by the talented Calam Lynch (Ms. Wilson, Black Beauty). Théo was an apprentice printer and met Eloise Bridgerton (Claudia Jessy) at the start of the second season. These two aren’t exactly off to a good start: Eloise is looking to unmask Lady Whistledown, and she meets Theo at the print shop where the scandal sheet author goes every week. Theo Sharpe was written specifically for the series and does not appear in the books. However, his addition to the cast of Bridgerton and his relationship with Eloise was a most wonderful idea, indeed.


Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for Season 2 of the Netflix series Bridgerton.

While Theo proves to be a strong advocate for women’s rights and equality for all, Eloise sees him as another man who thinks women have “weak minds”. As for Theo, he thinks Eloise is another wealthy young woman looking for the latest gossip and the most eligible bachelor in the ton. In short, they both come with their pride and their prejudices. However, they soon realize they have a lot in common, and what some would consider a most mismatched friendship. soon blossoms between our two young characters.


Eloise is an absolute fan favourite: her humor and convictions have truly charmed audiences from the moment she first appeared on screen in season one. In this second season, she makes her world debut (much to her dismay). Her mother is convinced that one day Eloise will enjoy attending balls and dancing with a gang of potential suitors, while the young girl hints that she is thinking of becoming single. She even asks Miss Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley) if it would be such a terrible thing.

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In truth, Eloise is quite repelled by the marriage market and has yet to meet a man worthy of her conversation. Until she meets Théo, thanks to whom she quickly discovers that equality can have its place in a relationship between a man and a woman. They may share the same ideas and believe in the same causes. It’s worth considering that Eloise might feel a lot less petrified about love and relationships now that she knows Theo. In fact, she simply rejects courtship and marriage as it has been introduced throughout her life: suitors, balls, callers and dowries mean nothing to her. She doesn’t want to be a man’s property, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t care about romance at all. Her interest in books, culture, meaningful conversations, freedom, however, is reflected in her relationship with Theo.

Even though Eloise was very interesting and an essential part of the series from the beginning, Theo’s arrival really makes her a three-dimensional character (of course, Eloise would say that she doesn’t need a man to be three-dimensional). But the way she navigates through these confusing new feelings she never thought she could have, makes her all the more accessible. She even goes so far as to ask the young apprentice if he sometimes thinks of her, just as she thinks of him. Their friendship evolves into something deeper, when Theo presents her with a stack of books in response to her question. If he had tried to convince her, he couldn’t have done better.


Unfortunately, their relationship is reported by none other than Lady Whistledown aka Penelope (Nicholas Coughlan), aka Eloise’s best friend (quite a betrayal, indeed). Let’s not forget that the young apprentice almost kissed Eloise, it was then that she really decided to put an end to their “absurd” meetings. The fact is that she could never forgive herself if the young man found himself immersed in scandal because of her. Theo doesn’t take it very well and tells her that she’s exactly like the other young ladies. He basically thinks she can’t handle her social class and would rather go back to her golden palace. It was really unfair for the fans, who know very well that Eloise doesn’t care. He talks about class, when she was just trying to protect him. Of course, hard to blame him, he’s young and heartbroken after all (and so are we, after seeing him walk away like that…)

This statement makes it even harder for us to see Eloise discover Lady Whistledown’s true identity at the end of the season.

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Can there be hope for Theloise? Since Theo Sharpe isn’t a character from the books, it’s very hard to say if there’s a future for them, or even if Lynch will appear in the third season. However, if he doesn’t, it will be a very hard pill to swallow for fans who are now fully shipping their relationship. Even romance lovers now wish Theo and Eloise were endgame (sorry, Sir Philip Crane).

Was Theo only there to show Eloise a world where a romantic encounter between two kindred spirits is possible? Did she need Theo to realize that her certainties could also be questioned?

One can also imagine that, since things ended so abruptly between them, Eloise would return to see Theo after a while, at least to make it clear that their estrangement was not about social class. After all, Eloise is a young woman who always expresses what she thinks, quite directly too. It’s hard to believe she would let a young man she clearly had feelings for think so little of her (she should definitely hurry back to that print shop and explain herself, right away!)

We can be sure of one thing: the wait to know what will happen to Théloise in season 3 will indeed be quite unbearable.

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