What We Like – Oak Park

With Thanksgiving upon us, here are a handful of items for which we thank.

Passion for wrestling: We’re not sure we fully understand this, but there is a core group in Oak Park, River Forest, and the West Side who believe wrestling can be a transformative sport for young people – boys and girls. Mike Powell, Fred Arkin and Michael Colucci are now leading the effort to bring wrestling to Oak Park public colleges.

They see sport as a testing ground for a youngster to be both competitive and grow in both success and failure. We look forward to seeing them solve the logistical issues to integrate wrestling into our colleges.

What’s new in the Chamber: We have been fans of Darien Marion Burton for several years. We first met him as a school-aged staff member at the Buzz Café. He now owns a local marketing business and was recently elected president of the Oak Park-River Forest Chamber of Commerce.

Self-described as the “youngest, gayest, blackest” House Leader of all time, we look forward to what his vast energy will bring to this organization as she continues to lead in the world. small business space.

Iman Shumpert wins everything: On Monday night, live on National TV, Iman Shumpert of Oak Park won the Dancing with the stars Mirrorball. It is the first prize in the celebrity dance competition. We think this is exceptional for Shumpert and his professional dance partner. A basketball star in the OPRF and then an outstanding player in the NBA, we have to say, however, that we most admire Iman Shumpert for his concerted efforts over the years to stay connected to the OPRF through his summer basketball camps.

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