WHO delegates don’t need ‘permission to dance’ as they dance to BTS song, internet loves it

DANCING can bring life to even the most boring meetings and it is also a kind of exercise. It keeps you both healthy and entertained at the same time. However, in a single incident, World Health Organization Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus shared a video from his Twitter account to raise awareness about the importance of physical exercise during long working hours.

Taking to Twitter, Tedros wrote, “Exercise during long meetings is important. Thank you @WHOWPRO colleagues for motivating us to stretch at #RCM73. As @BTS_twt says – we don’t have need #PermissionToDance or move. Either way – get active, every step counts to stay healthy!”

The video shows WHO delegates shaking a leg at “BTS’s Permission To Dance,” and even trying to follow and copy the steps from the video that was playing on the big screen. The nearly minute-long clip not only garnered positive reactions from netizens, but some also enjoyed their moves.

“Actually, it may sound silly, but it’s just the opposite. The music, the sounds, the dance brings out a good feeling from the best side of us in a second, everyone has become humbled on the same level, without ego, like when kids meet no matter what immediately starts playing all together. Cheers,” one user wrote.

A second user commented, “Love to see this. Love to see how @BTS_twt music brings happiness and energy to everyone. Hope everyone keeps spreading those positive vibes :)”

“I love it. You are really fluid with your movements,” posted a third user. “Great clip. Permission to dance and move should be a standard reunion item for any reunion going forward,” wrote a fourth.

However, this isn’t the first time a video like this has made the rounds on social media. Earlier, Harsh Goenka also shared a video of RPG company employees dancing to Happy by Pharrell Williams inside the office space.

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