Who is Julian Caillon in Dancing with the Stars 2022? Biography of Partner Angie Kent

Hey, people! as you all know the nineteenth season of Dancing with the Stars also known as Dancing with the Stars becomes more alluring and interesting with each episode and each time the contestants or better say the celebrities show their moves, they drive their fans even crazier for them, and the same happened with one of the most beloved and famous celebrities we all know for her appearance alongside Yvie Jones on Gogglebox Australia from 2015 to 2018, yes we are talking about Australian TV personality, Angela Bernice Kent known as Angie Kent.

However, the names we are talking about are no longer part of the game but recently some netizens searched the show and watched some clips where they were watching a dance performance by Angie Kent & Julian Caillon, and no doubt that since the performance has been watched by his fans and audiences, they wanted to know more about the male and professional dance partner. Thus, the man we see grabbing her waist named Julian Caillon is a fitness freak, a certified fitness trainer and also a dancer. No doubt their tuning drove people crazy and everyone wanted to see them more but like there in the show we have even stronger competitors so the duo or pair had to leave the course after being knocked out.

On her official Instagram account, Angie Kent shared a clip from her stage on February 28, 2022, where she wrote how sad she feels about leaving to show despite being full of energy to groove more with his partner. In a post where she shared two of her stage clips where one is her real and the other is her rehearsal. Sharing the clip, she wrote “I’ll leave this here. No matter the outcome, I’m happy with my efforts, the following video is from one of the dress practices before the show. Clearly no hair camera activity and cosmetics/lights and so on. I treasured this adaptation of my exhibit the most because the live presentation my nerves usually get the better of me. It’s a question of self-esteem, I’m working on it. I can just feel how silly I am doing and that memory satisfies me.”

Well she shared the clip before the pictures because just before one day she shared her pictures where she wrote that she was sad to leave the show because she was not only having fun on stage but also learning so many things but unfortunately the competition is getting harder and maybe she missed something, and the journey is over but soon she will bring something new to make her fans happy. Stay tuned to get more updates.

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