Who won Chapter 4 of the Super Dancer? Finalist, cash prize revealed!


Dance Plus Season 6 Winner Name: Who won Super Dancer Chapter 4? Finalist, cash prize revealed: Dance Plus is one of Star Plus’s most famous and sensational dance reality shows. It is a Hindi language and is mainly famous in northern India. The show has a huge following fan on social media. The show has always managed to entertain its fans. Dance Plus Season 6 winner, As we all know, Dance Plus 6 started on the Disney + Hotstar digital platform on September 13 (Monday through Friday). The show is ready for its conclusion and announces the winner on October 15. The show went very well on the OTT platform. In this article, we have brought all the details of the Grand Final, including performances, judges, names of winners, and more. Follow updates on GetIndiaNews.com

Dance Plus Season 6 winner’s name

On September 13, 2021, Dance Plus began streaming on Disney + Hotstar Monday through Friday. Now the show is set to make its grand finale which is slated for October 15th. As always, the show is judged by super judge Remo Desouza with three coaches including Salman Yusuf Khan, Shakti Mohan and Puneet Pathak, and Raghav Juyal is the host of the show. All the fans who have watched the show from the start are very excited to find out who will be the winner. The show started with 15 competitors of which only 6 entered the final.

Dance Plus Season 6 Finalists

No Sr. Candidate Name Status Prize money
1 Sneha Chakraborty Winner 25 lakes
2 Dhananjay Joshi Finalist TBH
3 Hard, Tejas & Sneha Finalist TBH
4 Parkale Rohan Finalist TBH
5 Romsha Singh Finalist TBH
6 Kuldeep and Pranshu Finalist TBH
7 Pratik survey Finalist TBH

The show’s contestants put on astonishing performances and always tried their best to impress the judge. The 15 nominees include duets and dance groups and their names Romasha Singh, Dhananjay Joshi, Harsh, Tejas and Sneha, Ajay and Sara, Tom and Jerry, N House Crew, Rohan Parkale, Shweta Sharda, Hot Indians, Shivanshu Soni, Kuldeep, and Pranshu, Pratik Surve, JS Angels, MD Hassan Raja, PS2. Throughout the season, the contestants greatly entertained the viewers as well as the judges. We have witnessed some electrifying and amazing performances delivered by the competitors.

The competitors played under the supervision of the coaches. Each trainer supervised five competitors. The coaches have guided them very well throughout the season. The coaches worked hard to make them good dancers by guiding them and helping them learn something new in dance. Many contestants left the series after being sent off, but all learned a lot from the judges. The contestants left the show after becoming better dancers than before. Contestants delivered magical performances on the show to impress the judges and their fans.

Who is the winner of Dance Plus Season 6?

As we all know, this time the show took place on the digital platform due to the ongoing pandemic. But still, the show got a good response from watchers. The creators have done their best to excite viewers. During this season, many great personalities came to the show to motivate the candidates in their journey. The special guests who appeared on the show are Mithun Chakraborty, V Unbeatable, Yami Gautam, Badshah, Prabhu Deva, Jacqueline Fernandez, Arjun Kapoor, Farah Khan, Kriti Sanon, Neeraj Chopra, Ayesha Singh, Aishwarya Sharma and many more .

In this season, Raghav Juyal has added the four moons to the show by his breathtaking and super impressive accommodation. He entertained the audience and the judges with his hilarious comedy and funny acts. There was another thing about this season that made the whole ensemble laugh a lot and that was Raghav’s jokes about Remo and his wife. His jokes were quickly shared on social media. People liked his jokes a lot. Other than that, Raghav and Shakti’s Nok-Jhok kept viewers amused.

Dance Plus Season 6 Finalist

Among the 15 competitors, only six competitors managed to reach the final and they are Pratik Surve, Romsha Singh, Kuldeep & Pranshu, Harsh, Tejas & Sneha, Dhananjay Joshi and Rohan Parkale. These 6 will face each other in the final. They are all ready to compete fiercely with their opponents. We would like to tell you that three competitors from team Puneet, two competitors from team Shakti and only one competitor from team Salman are participating in the final. The list of finalists is given below:

  • Pratik Surve from the Punit team
  • Romsha Singh from the Punit team
  • Kuldeep & Pranshu from the Punit team
  • Dhananjay Joshi of the Shakti team
  • Harsh, Tejas and Sneha from Team Shakti
  • Rohan Parkale from the Salman team

Dance Plus Season 6 Silver Winner

These 6 contestants worked hard to win the title of the show. These 6 candidates are really deserving finalists because they reached the final after a very difficult competition. The competitors have competed very hard and are improving. Speaking of the Grand Final, it’s going to be very huge and big and big celebrities will be coming on the show to cheer them on. According to the sources, Super Judge Remo has announced the name of the winner and it is Sneha Chakraborty of Team Shakti. Yes, Sneha is the winner of Dance Plus Season 6 with a huge number of votes. She lifted the trophy with a cash prize of 25 lakhs.

Sneha Chakraborty put on a stunning and fascinating performance in the Finals, not only in the Finals, but she was commendable throughout the season and offered tough competition to all of her co-competitors. The final episode is already broadcast on the Disney + Hotstar app. You can watch the final episode now, but after purchasing the app subscription.

After entertaining viewers on the digital platform, Dance Plus 6 will air on the Star Plus channel on November 06, 2021 every weekend at 8 p.m. Many fans did not watch the season so they could watch it on TV in November 2021.

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