Why dancing with the stars Iman Shumpert deserves to win season 30


Spoilers ahead for the Horror Night episode of Dancing with the stars Season 30!

Dancing with the stars Season 30 was always good since week 1, and in large part thanks to the cast. The ABC contest brought him in this year with their cast and found a good mix of people who are not only outstanding but willing to work and improve their performance week to week. Few have shown this as perfectly as the NBA star Iman Shumpert, who deserves to win this year given his progress over the season.

Iman Shumpert, to be quite frank, looked like one of the first outings on Dancing with the stars Season 30. Shumpert and partner Daniella Karagach started with a dismal 21 points which would have been the lowest score in the competition if there hadn’t been Cobra Kai actor Martin Kove. Shumpert had a slight scoring rebound in week 2, but in week 3 he again registered one of his worst scores with a 19. Shumpert admitted he needed to improve, and based on his performance Horror Night, for which he got a perfect 40/40 for a scary performance channeling the movie We, I tend to believe it.

Judge Len goodman said a few weeks ago that he never knew what to expect when Iman Shumpert took the stage to dance, and it is so true. I am not sure Dancing with the stars viewers were ready for a performance that can rightfully be considered one of the best of the season. Considering Shumpert and Daniella Karagach had the lowest score the week before, these two came back strong and tied Jojo siwa and Jenna johnson for the best night performance. He deserves to go far in this competition and even win if he continues to show the same effort in the future.

Make no mistake though – I have no illusions that a competitor will outlive JoJo Siwa and Jenna Johnson. Siwa was a competition dancer since her childhood, however, so it’s a given that she goes shake the stage every time she goes out. The same can’t be said for Iman Shumpert, which makes it so exciting to see him come out. Dancing with the stars every week and impress.

What Iman Shumpert lacks in polished performance, he more than made up for it with heart, and I think it helped keep him safe even when he’s not at his best. Of course, he’s just a random poor performance after being sent home by the judges if he’s in the bottom 2, but I hope, given his recent perfect score, that he will survive on this. momentum and will last much longer.

Dancing with the stars aired on ABC Mondays at 8 p.m. ET. Be sure to tune in for more wonderful performances week to week and see if some of the underdogs like Iman Shumpert can get ahead of the competition and win Season 30 after all.

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