Workout Wear Fitness Empire sells leggings

EASTON – A small business that started with an Easton women’s duffel bag has grown into a multi-million dollar family business.

Booty By Brabantsa wellness and fitness brand, began its humble journey in 2013 but was officially launched in 2014.

Kelly Brabantsthe owner, traveled to Brazil to visit her family, not knowing that she would leave with an object that would change their lives forever.

During the trip, Brabants’ mother Neiva bought a pair of leggings in a boutique, and the girl immediately fell in love with them.

The leggings were comfortable, stretchy and made with strong material.

“I would always be drawn to these leggings. They always made me feel confident and fit my body no matter what stage I was at,” Brabants said.

Brabants found herself collecting several types of leggings in different sizes to suit her body throughout her life.

“It was almost an aha moment,” Brabants said.

Kelly Brabants is the owner of Booty By Brabants, a lifestyle and fitness brand born in Easton.  Brabants models a hot pink textured two-piece set from its Booty By Brabants collection.

When she realized she could build a business selling activewear while creating sizes to suit everyone’s body shape, it became a no-brainer.

The idea of ​​bringing Brazilian leggings to America became her next mission.

Brabants taught dance classes in Boston, and she knew the students would engage heavily with her new venture.

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She wanted to create sportswear that grows with your body and stretches.

As a woman from a competitive dance background, Brabants can recognize a stellar quality pair of leggings when she sees one.

Kelly Brabants is the owner of Booty By Brabants, a lifestyle and fitness brand born in Easton.

“I told my dad I had a business plan and asked if he could help me invest in 100 pairs of leggings. I wanted to prove there was a demand for leggings size-inclusive and expandable,” Brabants said.

The family then traveled to Brazil and met the woman who originally sold Neiva the one-size-fits-all pair of leggings.

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Together they came up with a logo, colors and different designs for the leggings. Once the family returned home, it was time to engage in real work.

The Brabants immediately sold out on the first dance lesson and knew it was an incredible investment.

Kelley Brabants' family pose for a photo to celebrate the opening of Booty by Brabants' new permanent storefront at Dedham's Legacy Place.  Left to right, Adriana Fragala, Jeff Fragala, JJ Fragala, Connor Gallo, Neiva Brabants, Kelly Brabants, Donald Brabants and Liz Fragala.

The company has grown exponentially nearly 10 years later, giving America a taste of Brazilian sportswear. The family still works with the shop owner to this day.

“In Brazil, it’s colorful, and people are carefree and wear whatever they want, regardless of body type,” Brabants said.

“Most Brazilians love wearing tiny bikinis, dancing and feeling sexy. It’s such an important thing for women to feel good about themselves. Women of all ages and sizes in Brazil wear the tiny bikinis thong, and they don’t care. It’s an important message to embrace your natural beauty and your imperfections,” Brabants said.

Brazil has even inspired the flavors of Body By Brabants energy drinks, from the juicy flavors of passion fruit to wild acai berry and raspberry lemonade.

Kelly Brabants, left, and her sister Liz Fragala are in Aruba to launch their new venture, Body by Brabants, a healthy energy drink company in January 2020.

Brabants owes much of its success to manifesting the idea that positive thinking can attract positive things into your life, she said.

Brabants spent a lot of time imagining how she would build an empire focused on spreading positive body image and teaching women to love themselves, regardless of their size.

“Everything I have in my life now I have manifested,” Brabants said.

Brabants often remembers when she first launched her Instagram page.

Kelly Brabants leads hundreds of women in a Booty by Brabants charity workout class on Encore Boston Harbor's outdoor lawn in August 2022, which raised money for the nonprofit Best Buddies MA & RI.  Brabants has raised $22,500 for local nonprofits with its 2022 summer training series.

She had less than 200 subscribers, and now she has over 95,000 subscribers and counting.

The protest is a powerful tool to bring your visions to life, Brabants said.

The Brabants know that the key to success lies in positive thinking and hard work.

The company hit some big milestones by launching a virtual workout app, creating vitamin-rich energy drinks, and raising over $300,000 for charity through workouts.

Brabants hopes her legacy of sharing self-love and body positivity will survive the seams of her leggings and can influence the next generation of women.

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